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Top 4 common injuries for marathon runners (by Sportsperformance Physiotherapy) - more
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6 Tips to Prevent Marathon Injuries (by Sportsperformance Physiotherapy) - more
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Focus Shockwave Therapy Frequently Asked Question (by Sportsperformance Physiotherapy) - more
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Comparing the differences between Focus Shockwave vs Radial Shockwave (by Sportsperformance Physiotherapy) - more

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Plantar Fasciitis Q&A - more
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Achilles Tendinitis Q&A (by Simon Brouwer) - more

Achilles Tendinitis is a common pain in heel

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Neck Pain Q&A - more
Physiotherapy for Pregnancy - more
Neck Shoulder Pain Relief - more
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Leg Stretches - more
Exercise tips during COVID-19 (by Edith TAM) - more
Long Screen Time “Rules” in COVID-19, Posture is the Key - more

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Ergonomic Tips for Working from Home - more