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Kamay Kan

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Kamay Kan 

Fascial Stretch Therapist 

Languages spoken: English and basic Cantonese

Service location: Central


Kamay has always been intrigued by the ways which the human body degenerates from stress and disease as well as the ability to heal with the appropriate exercise, manual therapies, nutrition and lifestyle modifications.


Over the years of practice, Kamay has produced consistent results in clients, especially those seeking to rehabilitate injuries, improve mobility, body composition, or simply improve general health. She endeavours to find the most efficient and effective ways to optimise the human body through strength training and myofascial stretching in conjunction with nutrition to achieve a stronger, more flexible, pain-free body.


Kamay has been a professional in the health industry since 2010. She received her Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree from the University of Toronto in 2013.


You can also find her climbing mountains, exploring the seas, submerging herself in different cultures and cuisines, capturing beautiful moments on her Leica and getting lost, in all parts of the world.