Extending patients’ care anytime, anywhere

To provide a more convenient alternative to our existing patients during the outbreak of COVID-19, Sportsperformance Physiotherapy has launched an online consultation channel. Consultation with our physiotherapists via video call can now be done from the comfort of your home or office, without the hassle of traveling.


What is online physiotherapy?

Online physiotherapy works like a virtual practice.  Patients are connected to their designated physiotherapists via video. The physiotherapists will assess the patients via their clinical record, movement patterns and ask them to perform some special movement to determine the patients’ current condition.  Some form of suitable exercises for the patients will be given. 


  1. Service Coverage: As each case is unique, our physiotherapists will assess individual case before deciding whether telemedicine consultation  is suitable for you.
  2. Duration: 40 minutes (same as our standard service)
  3. Fee: standard rate applied
  4. Payment: Payme or FPS. Direct billing is not applicable.  
  5. Software required: Skype or Zoom will be used for the consultation. Once everything is confirmed, our customer service team will walk you through the steps to ensure the consultation will be done smoothly.


How do online consultations work?


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1. Enquiry

Visit our contact page or contact us at +852 25216380 to indicate your interest to have an online consultation.

(only applicable to our existing patients)

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2. Assessment

Our designated physiotherapists review the cases individually and decide whether your condition is suitable for a video consultation. Our physiotherapist may contact you to discuss this further.


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3. Payment

 Once our physiotherapists consider you to be suitable for the online consultation, our CS team will be in touch to schedule the consultation, as well as inform you about the payment arrangement and the necessary steps to get connected online. Once the payment is confirmed, booking will then be secured.

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4. Consultation

The video consultation will be conducted as scheduled.



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