Occupational Therapy




Based at our Central clinic our occupational therapy service is dedicated to rehabilitation of hand, wrist and elbow conditions. Our therapist is here to help you overcome any upper limb injury or condition, as well as any swelling or scarring on the body. This could be from an accident, sporting incident, surgery, or just recurring pain that is starting to impact your life. 

Occupational therapy aims to help people achieve independence and meaning in all activities of daily life and get people back to what they love doing. Our therapist provides services for all your hand, wrist and arm needs, including assessment and treatment of injuries, conditions and post-operative care. We understand the importance of applying evidence-based techniques to ensure your injury heals and you regain optimal function as quickly as possible.

As each patient has different needs and goals, our therapist will work with you to thoroughly evaluate your treatment needs and develop an individualised treatment plan. Treatment could include rehabilitation exercises to build strength and stability, or a custom made splint or cast to help protect your injury and allow tissues to repair.

Occupational therapy services we provide include:





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