Customised Thermoplastic Splints (Orthoses)



Custom splinting is an important part of hand and upper limb rehabilitation. Splinting techniques are used to influence healing, minimise the development of restrictive scar tissue, maintain hand function and reduce pain. Custom splints are fabricated using a light weight thermoplastic material and are individually crafted to fit each patient. Our therapist will choose the splinting material and design that best meets your needs and can fabricate the splint during your appointment.

Often custom splints are necessary following an injury or surgery to allow proper healing, prevent contractures or deformity and to optimise the results of your procedure. Custom splints can also support and protect inflamed joints, tendons, nerves, ligaments and muscles. Other uses for custom splints include correction of a muscle imbalance that can occur with conditions such as base of thumb arthritis.

Alternatively, custom splints can be used to help mobilise stiff joints, problematic scar tissue and contracted soft tissue – these are referred to as static progressive or dynamic splints.



Advantages of custom fabricated splints:

  • Can accommodate for differences in anatomy, swelling or wounds
  • Removable for wound care, showering or gentle exercises if appropriate
  • Easily adjusted by your therapist if uncomfortable
  • Able to clean as needed
  • Can get wet
  • Adjustable as swelling decreases
  • Breathable and light weight which is important for the humid Hong Kong climate
  • Comfort – it is made to fit you!