Cast Application and Removal for Fractures

Cast Application and Removal for Fractures


Fractures are breaks in the bones. The most common upper limb fractures usually involve the distal radius (largest forearm bone) and the finger bones. Fractures can be treated with immobilisation to allow them to heal and form a bony callus, or they can be treated with surgery, whereby surgeons secure the bone with screws or plates.

Whichever option you are undergoing, it is important to get to therapy early to ensure your fracture is supported in the correct position for healing and to prevent other joints and fingers from getting stiff unnecessarily. Our therapist, in consultation with your doctor, can determine whether you require a custom thermoplastic splint or cast to immobilise your fracture.

We have a variety of casting materials on hand which can be applied and removed by our therapist. Waterproof casts are available which is great for the humid Hong Kong climate.