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Sophie Raine

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Sophie Raine


Languages spoken: English, German and basic French 


Sophie’s passion has always been in human biology and anatomy. She completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences at Newcastle University, followed by an MSc in Physiotherapy from Brunel University, graduating with Clinical Excellence, in 2015.


After graduation she consolidated her training in the National Health Service (NHS) at three of London’s largest teaching hospitals covering multiple disciplines.  She then strengthened her knowledge and managerial skills as leader of a team of Highly Specialist Physiotherapists in Trauma Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, in London’s Northwest Trauma Network.


In addition to her NHS responsibilities, she has worked with private clients with neuromuscular disorders and worked as a team Physiotherapist at Richmond Rugby Football Club covering the Women’s Tyrrells Premiership and the Men’s Championship / National One teams.


Based in London, during the pandemic in 2020 she worked in the medical and intensive care wards caring for patients with COVID-19, supporting their breathing and rehabilitation, including return to exercise and day to day lives.


In 2022, she returned to her childhood home of Hong Kong with her young family.


Her work ethos is a client-centred collaborative approach, allowing clients to continue working on their goals whilst rehabilitating.  Each client’s biomechanics are unique and understanding this is essential to injury prevention and resolution.


Utilising her extensive physiotherapy knowledge, evidence-based rehabilitation and manual therapy combined with personalised exercise programs, she applies a holistic approach to treatment.


At the weekends and after work, she can be found swimming, biking or running in the good weather, or simply doing some strength and conditioning in the gym. During the winter Sophie loves nothing more than escaping the city to the mountains for sledging and skiing.