Paediatric Physiotherapy


Anatomical Screening for the Growing Child

As children grow, any variation from normal in the pattern of growth of the limbs or spine, may lead to problems in the future. Identification of variations from  normal growth patterns, during a child’s growing years is essential if remedial measures are to be taken.


This specific screening programme is suitable for children from newborn upto 18 years of age.

Screening the Spine
During adolescence, much of a child’s growth is in the spine. Prior to this, the legs grow faster than the spine, so that before puberty, children appear out of proportion with legs too long for their bodies.

While the legs have been growing, should any difference in length or alignment develop between the two sides, the pelvis (the platform on which the spine sits) may tilt down on one side, instead of ending up level.

At puberty, the spine begins a rapid growth spurt, following which, the body begins to look more in proportion. Should the pelvis have developed a downward tilt on one side however, the alignment of the growing spine will be affected and a scoliosis develop.

Anatomical  screening during this spinal growth spurt identifies those most at risk of developing a scoliosis.

Other postural problems which may develop as the child grows, e.g. round shoulders may also be identified and rectified with stretches and exercises.

Anatomical Screening of the Legs and Feet
The alignment of the feet may influence the growth of both the legs and the spine.  Identification of growth  variations such as in-toeing, out-toeing, flat feet, as well as knock-knees, bowed legs and torsion (the bones twisting as they grow), if identified early enough, may be monitored and remedial measures initiated.

Who will do the Screening?
Screening is available in our two physiotherapy clinics (Central and Tsimshatsui), by experienced physiotherapists Haley LoSimon Brouwer (Central) and Sweta Boghra (Central and TST). Screening will be followed by any remedial measures needed, such as exercises, postural training and shoe inserts where necessary. 

Our physiotherapists will refer your child to our Paediatric orthopaedic surgeon Prob Bobby Ng should they feel that further investigations such as X-rays and closer monitoring, be necessary during the growing years.

Each assessment will last for 20 minutes.


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