Spinal Physiotherapy





Pain arising from the spine is increasingly common, often caused by people becoming more sedentary and spending prolonged periods at their work stations. Postural screening and assessment for problems of spinal origin is an important part of the work of our physiotherapists. Identifying the source of pain, manually treating and correcting the underlying biomechanical causes, and educating patients in the prevention of further episodes, is our approach to spinal pain. In addition to the assessment and hands-on treatment, patients are taught strengthening in the form of clinical Pilates for core stability, stretching to improve spinal flexibility and education in postural awareness and good office ergonomics.


Postural Assessment

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The sedentary lifestyle of many children and adults in this age of technology, is leading to an explosion of postural problems. Our team of physiotherapists offer a postural assessment service, to identify both developing problems in adolescents and teenagers during their growing years, as well as established patterns of poor posture in the mature adult. The identification, by screening, of a postural problem developing in the growing child, can help to prevent the progression of spinal deformities such as scoliosis or sway back, before it becomes too difficult to correct.


Sometimes a simple remedy such as a heel lift in one shoe, combined with stretching and strengthening exercises, may be all that is needed to prevent further deterioration, while training in postural awareness and good computer ergonomics leads to good habits in later life.