Podiatry Running Assessment


We can all run but do we do it well?

The proper function of the foot is the most important factor in running whether it is for a bus or for a marathon.


Your foot is the only part of your body in contact with the ground and is the direct interface with the surface on which you are running, so its efficient function is paramount. Your foot function has a significant impact on the function of your leg and also has major knock on effects for the rest of your body.


At sportsperformance physiotherapy, our Podiatrist can provide a computer aided running assessment giving participants immediate feedback to help the runner understand the issues affecting the lower limb and foot. This includes video feedback, slow motion analysis, and diagnosis. Our computer aided video analysis is able to identify any underlying biomechanical problems causing pain or fatigue in your feet, legs, hips, or back, or may simply highlight some bad running habits including incorrect running style or the wrong choice of shoes.


The podiatry running assessment is a significant tool in investigating the cause of a wide range of injuries, from blisters, heel, foot, knee and hip pain, and the dreaded shin splints. Also it is a very useful tool if you are running with pain, or recovering from injury, and wish to resume running or for new runners who need advice on injury prevention, running style and shoe choice.