Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis: the study of animal locomotion. In this case, human locomotion.

Gait analysis is the study of the way we walk. It analyses how the foot interacts with the ground and how it is affected by terrain, footwear and muscle power.

Do you suffer from chronic foot pain, heel pain, calluses, bunions, ingrowing toenails, knee pain, or achilles tendon pain during the day or first thing in the morning? Have you ever wondered why you keep getting corns and calluses on your feet no matter what type of shoes you wear?



Biomechanical gait analysis could give you the answers to all these questions and allow you to get the best treatment to resolve or improve these problems.


At sportsperformance physiotherapy, computer assisted video gait analysis, as well as analysis by an experienced podiatrist, will identify the underlying causes of your pain.

A basic, static examination only gives you one small part of the overall picture and consequently only part of the reason behind the problem, making treatment less effective than it could be.

The use of a treadmill and computer aided assessment allows instant feedback illustrating what is happening as you walk. In addition, your joint range of motion and muscle strength will be assessed by the podiatrist to identify any weakness and imbalances within the foot and lower limb.

Following a physical assessment, we video you as you walk, and identify what, if anything, is causing the problems. Then, together with the patient, we work out a strategy aimed at resolving the problem both in the short and long term, and more importantly, in the prevention of reoccurrences.

Our treatment strategy can be simply advice on stretching, shoe choice, remedial podiatry / chiropody treatment to remove  painful lesions, or the prescription of custom orthoses (insoles) to normalise the forces acting on your foot and resolve any underlying biomechanical problems.