Custom Orthotic Prescription


An orthosis (Orthoses, pl) is a device that is applied externally to a part of the body; in this case the feet, to correct deformity, improve function, or relieve symptoms of a disease by supporting or assisting the neuro-musculoskeletal system. The word is derived from ortho, meaning straight.

Many painful foot and lower limb conditions are chronic in nature, from recurrent corns and callus, heel and foot pain both specific and non specific, ankle sprains, shin splints, knee problems, hip and lower back problems.



All often do well with remedial treatment, improve in the short term and then return some time later, often worse than before. Causing pain, and impairment.

In almost all these cases there is an element of mechanical instability where poor foot mechanics lead to other problems which may at first may seem unrelated, but after thorough assessment it can be shown that how the foot is working, or not working will affect other areas of the body, as well as the foot itself.

A cast will be taken in the clinic after an assessment of foot function and from that cast a fully customised orthosis (insole) will be manufactured by skilled technicians in around 2 weeks.

Custom Casted Orthoses can improve foot function and therefore reduce the strain on other parts of the body and lead to long term improvement and pain relief.

The beauty of custom casted orthoses is that they are designed specifically for the patient and their specific needs; be it sports shoes to play tennis, rugby, running, office shoes or even heels. Each prescription is individual to the patient and the construction will differ depending on the footwear in which they are to be worn, from Nike to Jimmy Choo’s.