Paediatric Foot Conditions


Podopaediatrics: The podiatric study and assessment of children’s foot problems.

While children may be often treated as little adults we cannot take this approach with their feet. Children’s feet are precious things which are changing all the time and are easily damaged or deformed, and without the correct care can cause life-long problems.

At sportsperformance physiotherapy, we treat children as children both physically and emotionally, using specialised paediatric foot products and orthoses not just small adult ones.




Babies’ feet are mainly cartilaginous at birth, with very soft, vulnerable bones. As babies grow, the bones begin to form and eventually by the age of seven, most are fully formed but continue to grow until the late teens and in some cases early twenties. Throughout these years, care must be taken not to harm these growing and very vulnerable feet. Some problems need prompt action, to reduce pain, improve function, and prevent further damage.

Common conditions which fall within the sphere of Podopaediatrics are: curly toes, flat feet, collapsing arches, ankle, foot and knee pain , leg fatigue, plantar warts and verruccas, ingrown toenails, in-toe and out-toe walking, frequent tripping and falling and in some cases knocked knees.


Proper diagnosis and correct treatment will allow your child to walk, run, and play comfortably, and parents can be confident in the knowledge that they are doing the best they can for the development of their children’s feet.


After all we only get one pair to use throughout our lives!