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Petra Rauszen


Petra Rauszen 屈珮德

Massage Therapist

ITEC Nat Dip (UK) Sports Massages

Languages: English and German

Service location: Central


Petra Rauszen has broad expertise in treating occupational and sport -related musculoskeletal conditions. She treats amateur and professional athletes from sports including:


  • American football
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Rugby
  • Squash
  • Cricket
  • Adventure racing and triathlon


These include many high-ranking tennis professionals. 


Petra was also an official contractor for Sports Massage Therapy in Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) for 6 years, for tennis tournaments in ASIA and EUROPE.


She offers Clinical Massage for patients experiencing a range of conditions, including:


  • Occupational overuse syndromes like shoulder and neck pain
  • Musculoskeletal conditions including pregnancy- related pain
  • Woman with lymphoedema following breast surgery
  • and many other conditions  


Petra began training as a Sports Massage Therapist in 1999. She then studied advanced massage techniques in England, Hong Kong, Thailand and Germany over the next ten years.


Petra ran a massage clinic at the Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) for 6 years, treating amateur to professional athletes.


Petra has taught ITEC Diploma Courses in Hong Kong, including Anatomy, Physiology, Swedish Body Massage and Sports Massage. She has also been a tutor for Certificate Level Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue and Thai Massages.