Overweight and obesity are increasingly more common in our society and major risk factors to many non-communicable diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and even some cancers. By April 2012 1, over 36% of the Hong Kong adult population (aged 18-64) is overweight or obese, with over half of the population aged 45-54 belongs to this group. Nevertheless, overweight and associated diseases are largely preventable, and the importance of weight control should not be overlooked.


Our clinical weight management programme is not designed for aesthetic purpose, but aims to help our clients attain healthy weight and diet to prevent possible weight associated problems. During the programme, you will be given dietary advice, weight management education, as well as exercise training. Our registered dietician, Carmen Lo, will provide a thorough assessment and detailed prescription to get you back to your ideal weight.


Reference: 1. Centre for Health Protection